Lewo 12 Pack Mini Wooden Race Replacement Cars for Ramp Toy Toddlers Race Car Racer Set
$ 13
Package Includes-- 12 Assorted colors, wooden racing cars.They come in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, to match the ramp
Only Suitable for-- Lewo Wooden Big Ramp Race Boy Car Toddlers Toys Games for Kids with 4 Small Racers sold by Lewo Toys
Give them a push and watch them go! Designed for use with Lewo Ramp Racer, these little wooden cars move forward and backward with ease
Safe for Toddlers, these uncomplicated little vehicles are just right for small hands. Let the fun begin! 12 cars, 4 different colors; 3.5cm wide X 4cm long
High Quality-- It is made of high quality wood that is 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, BPA, Phthalate and Lead-Free