Lewo Wooden Stacking Toys Board Games Building Blocks for Kids - 48 pieces
$ 14
NOT OUTDOOR GIANT Tower-Classic stacking games: suitable for a variety of ages, 6 bright colours ESPECIALLY perfect for toddler's colour recognition
Good party games: roll the dice and then remove a block of the same colour from the bottom and re-position it to the top, fun drinking game
48 pieces bricks and 1 dice, Tower Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 24 cm, Each Block Size: 1.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 cm
Hours of fun: the whole family play it together, suitable for 2 or more players. It conforms to EN71 and CPSA Standard and tested by International Accredited Labs.
Classic Block games like jenga: use these wooden blocks to build forts and towers or you can use them like long lines of dominos and make them fall in long cursive strings
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--This wooden toy is made with quality wood and non toxic paint finish which makes it safe for you child to play with.

--All the wood pieces are cut even and feel smooth to the touch so there are no worries of possible splinters.

--Bright colored,sturdy,durable,perfect size blocks.

--The game consists of a die with colors on it,and 48 colored wood blocks.

--The bright vibrant colors guranteed to catch your baby'sild's attention.

--Big enough that the pieces are able to be handled easily by small hands.

--The toy is lightweight and easy to store.


How to play 

Classic Tumbling Block Game is a famous,well-known game over the world. Players take turns removing one block from the 

tower at a time,then placing it atop the tower again. As each new layer is balanced on the top of the tower,it creates 

a taller more precarious tower. The game is over when one player causes the tower to tumble down.

Entertainment & Creative Learning

●There are so many cool game/learning combinations you can create with this simple stack of 48 blocks! It will last 

for ages and is fun for everyone in the family to play.

●They are great for the traditional stacking game with or without die(to be lined up and knocked over),but can also 

be used as normal building blocks and craft blocks.

●You can use them as a set of dominos,stack them in a row,or circle and push it down and watch them tumble.

●For the younger children you can help them with color recognition and counting.

●It can also be used as a drinking game.

●It is good for developing early sorting skills,teaching colors,promoting hand eye coordination,fine motor 

skills,problem solving skills and creativity.